FSSC 2012 Campaign

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The Festive Season Savings Campaign is aimed at raising awareness and encouraging a culture of saving for the festive season. It will guide consumers on how to avoid unnecessary consumption expenditure, so as to better meet the obligations that follow immediately after the festive season, e.g. school requirements. Festive Season Savings Campaign – media launch invitation (PDF doc – 142KB) … Continued

Festive Season Savings Campaign 2012

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SASI, in partnership with National Debt Mediation Association cordially invites you to the Festive Season Savings Campaign month which heralds the Consumer Financial Clinic… Click here for more (PDF doc – 44KB)

TCTS 2012 Campaign

The 2012 campaign will be held from the 16 to 27 July 2012. The Teach Children to Save South Africa™ (TCTS SA™) programme will be celebrating five years of grooming our youth to be Savvy Savers!!! TCTS SA™ is a generic financial literacy programme rolled out annually to learners nationwide. The TCTS SA™ lesson plan is integrated within the school … Continued

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