Savings Month 2017

July is National Savings Month As South Africans do not generally have a savings pools to tap into in times of emergency, they tend to cash in their retirement savings.  We believe, it’s for this reason National Treasury has introduced Tax Free Savings Accounts from 1st March 2015 to build household savings and encouraging investment. South African Savings Institute (SASI) … Continued

Savings Month 2014

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July is National Savings Month The focus is on the informal sector and the theme is “my savings, my future: time to build”. A flagship event for Savings Month 2014 will be a Stokvel Expo, which will have the following objectives: To link Stokvel Groups/Associations with the formal financial institutions that could service them To gain an in-depth understanding of … Continued

Launch on 4 July 2013

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Savings Month was launched on 4 July 2013 at the Sandton Convention Centre. Back to Savings Month 2013

Savings Month 2013

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July is National Savings Month South Africa’s savings rate has averaged 16% of the GDP between 1991 and 2011, with the biggest culprits for the low rate being households and government, leaving the bulk of the contribution to come from the private sector. The 2008/09 global recession exacerbated the situation, and recovery is seemingly slow, further compromising potential savings from … Continued

Savings Month 2012

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July is National Savings Month After 10 years of advocating for a culture of saving, South Africans still battle with managing their finances. It’s time for change! This year SASI is urging consumers to proactively take charge of their lives. As the Minister of Finance pointed out during SASI’s 10-year anniversary, an entrenched savings culture means South Africans must develop … Continued

Savings Month 2011

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July is National Savings Month July Savings Month is SASI’s national savings awareness campaign and the flagship event for the cause. This year’s campaign was launched on Wednesday 13th July 2011 at the Industrial Development Centre (IDC) Auditorium, 19 Fredman Drive in Sandton.  The event also marks SASI’s 10 years of commitment to improving savings in South Africa. The objectives … Continued

Savings Workshop 2010

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The theme of the Savings Workshop on 2 September 2010, was Save for the Goal: The Path to Recovery. The workshop was sponsored by Old Mutual and was hosted at the SARB Conference Centre in Pretoria. Programme Outline for the Savings Workshop 2010 (PDF doc – 364KB) Biographies of the Workshop Presenters (PDF doc – 390KB) The presentations that were … Continued

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