Savings Month 2010

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July is National Savings Month Savings Month is SASI’s national savings awareness campaign. Savings Month is in July each year and the objectives of the campaign are to: Promote debate around key aspects of saving, Raise awareness of the benefits of short, medium and long term planning Build relationships with key partners to leverage future opportunities Foster a culture of … Continued

SASI-ERSA Savings Workshop 2009

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The SASI-ERSA Savings Workshop took place this year on 04-05 August at the Reserve Bank Conference Centre. It was jointly hosted by the South African Savings Institute and Economic Research Southern Africa. Among the guests were policy makers, regulators and financial practitioners. The presentations that were made are listed below: Savings: A Macro Perspective by Ahmed Jooma, National Treasury (PowerPoint … Continued

Financial Literacy Seminars

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These campaigns are aimed at equipping consumers from Corporate level down to community level with the basic skills of saving and money management. Community saving schemes are further advised on how to become even more productive and take advantage of government programmes on Economic Development. SASI has partnered with various stakeholders like the National credit Regulator, Financial Services Board, Offices … Continued

Savings Month 2009

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This year SASI embarked on an aggressive and collaborative campaign with all Financial Practitioners and Development Financial Institutions to take the message of saving including basic financial planning skills to learners and all consumers alike. A number of initiatives were conducted across the country to relay this message including Teach Children to Save, Media Broadcasts, Workshops & Seminars. Gallery Breakfast … Continued

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